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I am a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from San Francisco, CA. I have been singing since my mom took me to "Music Together" when I was a toddler. I performed lead roles in musicals all throughout my school career, and was a soloist and part of a musical ensemble that performed throughout the SF Bay Area and at Disneyland. I have been writing songs since I was 11. After winning the Center of Social Justice Art Competition “Grand Prize” in 2017 for my first original song, I realized that songwriting was not just something I could do for fun, but also something I could share and use to help others. 

I released my first single “The Coast” in January 2021. I released my first EP "Day Dreams" in January 2022. I released my second EP in October 2023. My music is available on all streaming platforms, and I enjoy performing it live around the SF Bay Area. I am thrilled for much more music to come!

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In the News

"The Pop Rock Anthem of Female Empowerment: Arden Alexa’s "Petty Bitch" Will Make You Raise Your Arms"

"Alexa captures the joy, hopefulness and inspiration of humanity in her raw singles. While the melody can have you jumping about in a reckless throw of brash emotions, it is a combination of Alexa’s vocals with profound lyricism that takes ‘Petty Bitch’ to another level."

Nicole Mendes

The Other Side Reviews

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"Her raw and earnest vocals add texture and depth to the well of emotions that she emits, pairing beautifully to transport the audience. Her poetry and attention to crafting a narrative testify to the lyrical powerhouse she is beginning to become."

Megan Cao

POP Passion

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"Strawberry Pie shows off a more modern side of the artist while still displaying the same fun, exuberant personality of her previous releases,"

Taylor Ohryn

Hashtag Magazine


"Arden has a bright future ahead of her, and “Stupid Boy” is just the latest example of her incredible musical talent."

Kat Lattimore

Plastic Magazine

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"Us along with many fans are head over heels for “Strawberry Pie” and to those who haven’t heard it: Where have you been?!"

Jessica Verduzco


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"From the effortlessly captivating nature of her vocals to her unique take on catchy, modern indie pop, Arden Alexa is an artist with tonnes of appeal and reasons to fall in love with her sound, evidenced every time that the artist releases something new,"

Kieran Rogers, CLOUT

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"Sounding like a pop star in the making, I am anticipating that “Strawberry Pie” is going to catapult Arden’s career into something amazing,”

Isabelle Turner

Tongue Tied Magazine



2023 International Song Contest

Youth & Singer/Songwriter

"The Coast"


2017 Art Competition

Grand Prize
"Our Time"

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