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"Us along with many fans are head over heels"
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"potent pop rock sound led by  sensational vocal talent!"

"Captures the joy, hopefulness and inspiration of humanity in her raw singles"

"Her poetry and attention to crafting a narrative testify to the lyrical powerhouse she is beginning to become," Megan Cao, POP Passion

"From the effortlessly captivating nature of her vocals to her unique take on catchy, modern indie pop, Arden Alexa is an artist with tonnes of appeal and reasons to fall in love with her sound, evidenced every time that the artist releases something new."


Stupid Boy

"raw and earnest vocals"

"vocals soaring above an infectious melody"


"Arden has a bright future ahead of her, and “Stupid Boy” is just the latest example of her incredible musical talent."

Kat Lattimore

Plastic Magazine

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"Us along with many fans are head over heels for “Strawberry Pie” and to those who haven’t heard it: Where have you been?!"

Jessica Verduzco


Strawberry Pie

Summer Girl

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I have been singing since my mom took me to "Music Together" when I was a toddler.

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