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//  Origin:  San Francisco, CA
//  Genres:  Pop, Indie Pop
//  Years Active:  2017 - Present
//  Website:
Arden Alexa is one of pop music’s next big artists. With a style that takes inspiration from icons such as Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Melanie Martinez, Arden has created a sound that resonates with thousands of fans worldwide. Her second EP, ’22, gained 200,000 streams in months and her TikTok has amassed 30,000 followers and 6.6Million likes. Her new single, ‘National Boyfriend Day’, comes out on June 28.


Management: Rigel Moon

Managers: Sameer & Melissa Hilal

Booking & PR: Melissa Hilal


Stupid Boy Artwork F.jpg
Strawberry Pie Artwork 3k.jpg


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